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In most cases I / you / we have a 36 picture film or a pile of maybe 100 pictures to be scanned in one batch. The work and use of the pictures will be done later or maybe never. Some of them will be stored in a database (in my case FileMaker Pro).

I / you / we want the scanning process to be as follows:

Moment 1 Preference setings:
Fileformat out (normally TIF)
Resolution, gamma, type of picture etc
Choose of folder where the files shall
be automatically placed.

Moment 2 Preveiew

Moment 3 Selecting the scan area

Moment 4 Change of setings, gamma and
filename if required

Moment 5 Scanning

Moment 6 Return to mom 1 or 2 or 3 or

Moment 7 Quit program