The Earth

The third planet from the sun, volume 1.083.320 mill sqkm. Length of the equator 40.076 km, radius of the equator 6.378 km, polar radius 6.356 km. Surface 510 mill sqkm. Medium distance to the sun 149.5 mill km, earth's orbit 931 mill km, medium speed 29.7 km/s, time of rotation 23 h 56 min 4 s, time of circulation 365,2422 days. The thickness of earth's crust is 30 - 40 km.

The Moon
Orbit time 28 days.
Distance 356 000 to 407 000 km.
The moon’s radius is 1/4 of the earth’s and the mass 1/8.

The Sun
The sun consists of hydrogen (82%) and helium (17%). Its radiator has increast by 30% the last 3 bilion years.
If the earth was situated in the center of the sun, the moon would orbit a little more than half way to sun’s surface - that’s how big the sun is.

The most common matter on earth. The medium depth of the oceans is 5000 m and they cover 71% of the earth’s surface, having a medium salt content of 3.5%.
The salt content of the Baltic Sea is 0.8%.

A mixture of 78% nitrogen, 20.8% oxygen and 9% argon.
If air were like water it would only be 10 m deep.
The carbon dioxide content has increased from 0.088% in 1800, 0.029% in 1900, 0.031% in 1950 to 0.035% in 1990.

Lars Cornell 1999