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I have received an EPSON Perfection 1200 Photo scanner.
It is my 4:e scanner since 1991 and the HW seems to be very good, but the software is poor.
If you are a Macintoch user my recommendation is - do not use the Presto! PageManager 2.40.04 !
Use Photoshop or Photoshop LE witch is includeed in the CD's instead. Here are my experiences.
MAC G4 computer, MacOS 9.0.4
When you open the CD ”Scanner Software CD-ROM" you will find some program installation files but no information of the purpose of the software.
a - Presto! PageManager for EPSON – what is that? Do I need it?
b - EPSON Instant Photo print – what is that? Do I need it?
c - EPSON PersonalCopy – what is that? Do I need it?
d - EPSON TWAIN – what is that? Do I need it?
e - TextBridgeClassic – what is that? Do I need it?
f - ADAPTEC MAC DRIVER SET – what is that? Do I need it?

The CD Online Guide does not give usable information and you have to use the trial-and-error methode.

When you install the software, many unesessary files are installed. Look HERE what I had to take away from the System folder.
a) If you are a MAC-user and want problems, use Presto. It is a software made for PC and with no MAC-philosophy design at all.
If you do not want problems, use something else - for example Photoshop or Photoshop LE which is included in the software delivered with tre scanner. There are no information in the handbook for this but here is the information you need.

b) If you want instat printout.

c) ?

d) TWAIN 4U is the scanner program you shall use. See here how.

e) Text bridge is an OCR program. I have not tested it yet..
NOTE: the program is on a second CD in the program folder.

f) Adaptec is probably a driving prigram for the Adaptec SCSI card. USB users shall not take notice.
Using: Presto! PageManager 2.40.04

2.1 Scan request cause error message ”Can not find the scanner on the bus”. However, the scan button on the scanner works.

2.2 The system is saometimes stuck by a program called ’CC Mail enabler can not be found’.

2.3 The program opens a window over my entire 21” screen. 15 x 15 cm should be enough.

2.4 The above window covers in some cases the sub window 'EPSON TWAIN 4U' and prevents futher work. You have to hit the escape button.

2.5 The program "EPSON Personal Copy PPC" will cause system bombs. What is the purpose of the program?

2.6 When terminating the program ’Presto! PageManager 2.40.04’ it starts to work with files. What is the program doing? It takes a long time and single process operation locks the system during that time.

Using: TWAIN 4U

2.7 Color settings only 24 bits while specifikationen says 36 bits.

2.8 Resolution not interpolated pre set is max 1200 x 1200 dpi while HW specification says 1200 x 2400.

Error message HERE that Epson Twain needs more memory. But there is no program with that name in the computer.

2.10 Scanning in LaserPrinter mode is sometimes not possible. You get ”Not enough disk space” but I have 10 Gbyte available. What is the difference between the 'destination-moods'? I want the destination to be a TIF-file in a preselected folder.

2.11 The necessity to start the TWAIN Plug-In for every new scan session is not a god thing. Is multi scan session possible?

2.1 You shoud install the TWAIN plug-in.

2.2 ?

2.3 Presto is behaving very badly - do not use it.

2.4 See 2.3

2.5 ?

2.6 see 2.3

2.7 ?

2.8 ?

2.9 see 2.3

2.10 ?

2.11 ?

3.1 Buttons
Most Macintosh users will never ever use the Presto! buttons
E-Mail, Fax, Printer, SimpleText, Photoshop
How can those buttons be taken away?

3.2 File handeling
The program window contains a file handeling system with hierarkic folders to the left and folder creators near by. This is the Microsoft Windows way of doing things. Macintosh already have superior file handeling systems and an extra of the same kind handeled by the program will create confusion and errors. How can the programs file handling function be taken away and replaced by MAC-OS?
Note: Macintosh is popular because you reache the program from the data base. In MS-Windows you normally select the program first and searche for the database from there - a methode wich is hated by most Macintosh users.

In the program folder (a typically Microsoft mishmash, they mix data and program files together in the same folders) is a folder named 'WORK'. Obviously all scanned files are stored there. They have prefix 'dat', 'PCX' and 'thm'. What is the purpose? Why not TIF-files?

The information in the file-handeling window is erroneous. See below
.3.1 Presto is behaving very badly - do not use it - See HERE how.

3.2 See 3.1

3.3 If you use Photoshoop insted of Presto you can work as required.
3.3 The batch scanning process LINK

The information in the file-handeling window is erroneous.
In the computer trere are no folders by the name 'Inbox', 'scanned files' or 'New Folder'.